HTC Software Updates Plan 28.04

Another month have passed since last post about HTC Software Updates and I’m ready to share some latest info with you. First of all, I decided to split updates review into 2 parts. First will cover all modern devices, while second will touch outdated HTC phones.



So lets start with latest news about newest HTC devices.



As we all know, Android 4.4.3 (KTU84Fis under final tests and latest flagships like M8 and M7 both will get 4.4.3 in near future. I don’t have news regarding other “One”  devices yet, but they might get it as well. But I can’t confirm/deny that yet.

What about old phones? Well, future for them not that bright.


Almost all devices in 2012/early 2013 line reached EOL stage. HTC One X/X+, One XL, One S, One SV, One V won’t get ANY further software updates. First gen Butterfly won’t get Sense 6.0 (but you may find well-working ports over xda-developers)  I still don’t have any news regarding Sense 6.0 update for Desire 601 and 700, so let’s wait and see what decision HTC will make.

That’s it for this month and remember, this scheduler is not final, many things might change very quickly.

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