How to manually install HTC OTA updates

This topic will cover very interesting area – manual OTA updates. There always exist a chance that you can’t install it automatically, limited wireless connection, your region haven’t got update yet and etc… Many apps won’t work correctly with an old version of Android, from games and dating apps to apps like Slack, Gmail, and YouTube. But what should  you do in order to get desired update? How to act in this situation? We will figure this out very soon.

Pre-ota preparations:

1. Download needed OTA package, in my example we will use

2. Check ROM version in Settings-About-Software Information, it MUST match second value in example case 4.19.401.9_R-4.19.401.8, if you have version different from 4.19.401.8, update will FAIL.

3. Make sure that your device running system without any app/files modifications, otherwise update will FAIL.

4. Check your recovery, official OTA can be applied ONLY on Stock Recovery, TWRP/CWM/PhilzTouch and etc can’t be used.

5. Your device must be S-OFF AND/OR LOCKED or RELOCKED, being S-ON and UNLOCKED won’t allow you to apply OTA update.

5. Now we can copy out OTA package in system storage, I recommend to copy file in root of the Internal Storage.

6. When preparation stage is done, we can proceed to installation.

Ota installation:

1. Turn off device.

2. Press Power button and Volume down button, keep them until you see bootloader.

3. After that use volume down button to make a choice at Recovery option and press Power button. Device will reboot in Recovery mode.

4. When recovery starts, you will see this red triangle, don’t worry nothing bad happened.

5. Wait for a while and press both Volume buttons with Power button. This combination allows you to enter Recovery menu.

6. Using volume buttons, navigate to “apply from phone storage” option and press Power button.

7. Now you can choose your OTA package. In our example it will be stored in data/media/0/ then press Power button.

8. If everything goes well, you will see following picture

9. During installation you might need to follow some instructions on screen. Reboot device when installation finishes.

10. After reboot you will get message that you successfully updated your device :)


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