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TikTok Nudes? The Most Useful Social App You’re Probably Not Using – LlabTooFer

TikTok Nudes? The Most Useful Social App You’re Probably Not Using

It’s no secret that TikTok nudes have taken the world by storm, and is likely the most addictive social media app to ever be created. Many of the adult industry leaders are even hopping into this new space. Here’s what you need to know before you start using this controversial new app.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is an app that allows users to share short videos (known as TikTok videos) that disappear within a few seconds. The app has been described as the “Instagram of China” by VentureBeat, as the majority of users are in Asia. The app has been called the “most popular video-sharing app in the world,” with 4 million users in the US (just 0.3% of all Americans are active TikTok users). In comparison, Instagram has around 700 million users. Other popular social media apps, like Snapchat and Twitter, have many more active users, often nearing billions. Some of the most popular videos on the app are professional videos from lip-sync battle reality shows (including Drake’s “In My Feelings” video).

How to use TikTok

TikTok is like Vine, only better. TikTok is a social media app in which users can post short videos. Think of TikTok as a social media platform where you watch other people’s cool videos and laugh at their terrible “jokes.” What’s so great about TikTok? Vine was a revolution for YouTube, and TikTok is a revolution for social media. These platforms allow for creativity. Vine users shared short videos of themselves from a single camera perspective. TikTok is different, as users can edit their videos, and “make it”. For example, if someone makes a video of them taking a screenshot and writes “THIS IS SO COOL” on the bottom of the screen, TikTok will “make it.

What the heck is ‘Trending’ anyway?

Before you even fire up TikTok, you may be wondering what ‘Trending’ is. According to Apple, ‘Trending’ is “a section of the iPhone and iPad home screens that showcases popular topics that are trending across the app”. Basically, trending news. By default, Trending will also show you content you’ve shared. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below For example, if you post a video of you and your friends singing a song, and you’re in the ‘Video’ category, your friends in ‘People’ will be able to see that video, and potentially comment or re-post it. ‘Trending’ will show you all the videos and posts you’re sharing. On TikTok’s website, it says: “You want to be present for your favourite moments. So, let TikTok guide you to them.

Can you really make a living with TikTok?

When I first heard the new name, TikTok, I was instantly intrigued. What could possibly be cooler than one of the oldest forms of entertainment and one of the longest continuously running form of entertainment in the world? I tried to research the origins of the word and looked it up in several different dictionaries to make sure I was right. I was. Some of the earliest recorded uses of the word “tikTok” date back to 1641. “Tik Tok” is essentially an African-American word. The word, which means “call on the name of Jesus,” was used in the British Parliament by the African-American Dr. Nathaniel Adams in his 1862 speech “Slavery, African Rights, and American Compromise” in support of abolition of slavery. The speech took place in London’s Parliament house, the Old Bailey.


This article was written with the sole purpose of helping you understand the TikTok app. So if you have not heard of TikTok yet, now is the time to start taking the world by storm. It’s become so popular that many people now think that TikTok is a bigger threat to the app Instagram than Snapchat ever was. Why? Well, for starters TikTok is highly addictive and can even be addictive to its users. It’s a new app and it has an even newer user base that are all new to social media. For now, it appears to be the #1 app to download and social media app for youngsters in India. But does that make TikTok a bigger threat to Instagram? Let’s just say that this app is going to start to get a lot more attention and criticism if Instagram continues to have success with its Stories feature.

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