HTC RUU Flashing Service

About service

Do you have an HTC device which doesn’t boot? Stuck in fastboot mode with the newest firmware installed and don’t want to unlock it? Maybe you want to turn your device completely stock. This service is for YOU! We are offering an exclusive service — available nowhere else — that brings your device completely stock using the latest official HTC RUUs! All you need is a device, an Internet connection and some free time!
How do you do that?
Via Internet connection we flash your device remotely, meaning you don’t need to go into a service center or another place to recover your handset. All you need is a software tool and a broadband connection.
Which devices do you support?
  • HTC 10 Lifestyle (PERFUMEC2_TUHL)
  • HTC A9s (E36ML_UL)
  • HTC Desire 10 Pro (A56DJ_PRO_UL, A56DJ_PRO_UHL, A56DJ_PRO_DUGL)
  • HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle (A56DJ_UL, A56DJ_UHL, A56DJ_DUGL)
  • HTC One X9 (E56ML_DTUL)
  • HTC One M8s (M8QL_UL)
  • HTC One M8 (M8_UL, M8_UHL, M8_WHL, M8_TL, M8_DUGL, M8_DWGL)
  • HTC One (M7_UL, M7_U, M7_WL)
  • HTC One Dual SIM (M7C_DUG, M7C_DWG, M7C_DTU)
  • HTC One Max (T6_UL, T6_WHL, T6_WL, T6_DUG)
  • HTC One Mini (M4_UL, M4_U)
  • HTC One Mini 2 (M8_Mini_UL)
  • HTC Butterfly 3 (B3_UHL, B3_WLJ)
  • HTC Butterfly 2 (B2_UHL, B2_WLJ)
  • HTC Butterfly S (DLXP_UL, DLXP_U)
  • HTC Desire 826 (A52_TUHL, A52_DTUL)
  • HTC Desire 825 (A56_UHL,A56_DUGL)
  • HTC Desire 820 (A51_UL)
  • HTC Desire 816 (A5_UL, A5_DUG, A5_DWG)
  • HTC Desire 630 (A16_UL)
  • And many more!

How do we proceed?

  • Fill out inquiry form here
  • After we receive the form, we’ll contact you with specifics
  • After receiving confirmation that we can flash your device, you can proceed to the payment page

What about price?

Price depends on device generation and ROM version . For price calculation we use following formula: Device Gen + Transaction expenses 2.5$ + Carrier

Some carriers are very rare and may lead to extra expenses. – Per request

Device’s generation

  • 2016 Gen devices 25$ (ex. HTC 10, Desire 825)
  • 2015 Gen devices and older 20$ (ex. HTC One M9, M8, M7)
  • Low-end Desire devices 15$ (ex. Desire 310)
I want to get original the file for my own use; how can I do that?

WE DO NOT provide original files!


We guarantee that the files used are 100% original and signed HTC RUU files.
Working Hours:
10.00-23.00 GMT+2
  • LlabToFeR is not affiliated with this service. Please DO NOT use his PayPal donation button for the payments or email for questions.

  • We are not responsible for any damage your device might receive during the flashing process.
  • We are not responsible for information losses after flashing process.
  • We reserve the right to decline any requests without explanation.
  • In case your device doesn’t work/boot after flashing (bad flash memory or other hardware issues, for example), we don’t issue refunds.

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  • Jan Kleefeld

    Thank you guys, everything works fine!
    I didn´t have to do anything. They did all that for me.

    This is realy useful, if you rooted youre device or something went wrong by a custom rom install.
    These guys gave me a complete, original from HTC signed, STOCK-ROM!
    It was very easy. Thanks again 🙂

    Greetings from Germany.

    • Saule Ismailova

      Thanks a lot guys,everything work fine! You are professionals. Really

  • Arian 0098

    Don’t waste your time & fill out inquiry form NOW!
    I’m so amazed from their brilliant work.
    They are professional & their RUUs are %100 original & signed. My One M8 is now completely stock like its first day!
    I’m %500 satisfied.

  • Max

    Works Perfect, thanks a lot!
    Although it seems that it wouldn´t work he take the time and delete the error.
    Great Work Thanks!

  • Miguel Garcia

    I rooted my AT&T HTC One Mini and installed a custom ROM to be able to get S-OFF but I forgot to make a nandroid backup. So after getting S-OFF I was trying to put my phone back to stock to receive the OTA update to Sense 6 but I didn’t find any stock nandroid backup.

    I’ve contacted the RUU flashing service team and they send me the instructions to put my pc ready to be helped remotely, after that I was just an spectator. My phone was put back to stock in a few minutes.

    Great job guys!

  • kelly spencer

    Very happy with service I thought I had permanently ruined my HTC one mini but for 20 bucks got it working again with help from these guys

  • giga

    thank you guys, you are really pros, if not you I could never fix my phone

  • Alex

    Whats the difference with this service and getting a RUU from

    • Admin

      You can find only limited number of RUUs on the HTCDEV (US carriers mostly)

  • Akshay Ahirwar

    I want to flash ruu in my HTC one 802d plese help me I will pay you for flashing ruu

    • LlabTooFeR

      Please use enquiry form and guys will help you.

      • Akshay Ahirwar


        • Akshay Ahirwar

          I am already filld enquiry form.

  • Saravanan Viswanathan


    U are amazing,actually i am using htc droid dna phone i am not
    getting update becoz, i am in india.After contacting this site they told
    using RUU flashing services u will get latest official htc update.I
    filled enquiry form,they contacted quickly and solved my problem.

    This RUU update are really OEM.I am very happy becoz before i am struck
    in 4.1.1… i wasted 1 month, even i am contacted htc services
    regrading update they told u will not get update (u need verizon network
    for this) and i visit xda developer website also but its not
    worth.Finally i got this site …Now my phone was 4.4.2. with 5.5

    Thank you so much………

  • tidiane

    merci pour tout htc one mini 2 remis a zero comme neuf 🙂 thank you

  • A wonderful service…you are very professional and you rock…thanks guys everything works fine…

  • Manuel Heinrich

    Thank you my friends for your great job!!!
    Now my HTC One Mini (M4) works with a right STOCK-ROM.
    It was really easy and quickly.
    And the price for your service is very fair.
    Thanks so much!!!

    Kind Regards from Germany!

  • Sir Rufio

    Everything went perfect, thanks once again ! As spoken about we may be doing business again soon !
    When all else fails and you need to go back to HTC stock rom – don’t bother surfing the interwebz – just use this service !

  • SerTek

    Thank you for everything.

    For this great professinal serving all these conditions.Were many days that I tried everything without conclude nothing. I’m very happy because finally my phone back as it was before.
    Thanks again to the very heart. 🙂

  • chleuhtv

    Merci beaucoup tout fonction vraiment très bien grand merci.

  • Praneeth Shirmal Dharmasena

    amazing service now my phone is working perfectly keep up the good work guys thank you very much !

  • John Blakefeld

    So is this service legit?

  • SerTek

    Thanks for the great help I received yet another time.
    My device was completely blocked and now it works perfectly.
    I am very happy.
    Thanks again for everything!

  • dziadzie

    After days of trying i was sooo happy to find those guys! it took 10 maybe 15 minutes to bring my HTC One S from the dead and put fresh stock install on it. I will never do this by myself again! Thank you!!!

  • Lockson

    Thank you guys, you saved my HTC one M8 very nice team, fast, perfect and professionnal team

  • Youseff Majid

    Thanks Guy for your good work in resoving my HTC ONE M8.I have sent my phone at HTC Centre in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia before meeting you guys.HTC asked me to pay RM710 to replace the motherboard and I was upset with their service centre and despite telling them is just software problem they do not want to listen to my explanation.With just USD 20 my HTC problem is solved within 45 mins by you Guys.My phone has been in the HTC centre for more then 6 days and yet I have to pay RM 80 without solving my problem.I salute you guys.This guy are very professional & their RUUs are %100 original & signed. My One M8 is now completely stock like its first day!..Keep up the good work and I will promote your professional team in Malaysia.Brilliant,Professional and Fast service.

  • Jakob Skov

    Thanks for the exceptional support and fast service, this is the best service I’ve ever had! Even in big companies this service ain’t better than yours..! I would recommend it to anyone ! <3

  • Khan Fareed

    Thank you so much!, you really did a good job, quite professional, very fast & straight to the point in dealing problems. I highly recommend these guys

  • Sakub

    Amazing service. Highly recommended.

  • Stefan Panic

    Great service they saved my day 🙂 everythings works fine no problems

  • Miky2184

    Thank you for your great job on my HTC ONE M7….finally i can bring my HTC to assistence to fix the purple tint camera bug.


  • Danny Kirkwood

    saved my bacon & phone back up and running with OTA etc.. all working – couldnt be happier, and a friendly service.

  • Berry

    Thanks guys! Did a fanatastic job. It went smooth and fast!

  • Robert

    Thank for your help – HTC One 802 – Dual SIM – now it works perfectly! 🙂

  • thetechvan

    Extremely prompt and professional service. All working and delivered as promised.

  • Aymen

    Thank you very much guys. Very happy to find the stock ROM HTC

  • alexander

    Hello there,
    I’m interested in going back to stock, i have S-OFF m8, and i want my m8 to go to stock, without changing the s-off and get OTA from HTC, is that possible?


  • Can Misirlioglu

    Messed up my rooted phone with custom rom flashing. Thought I lost it forever. Then I saw this service.
    Did my enquiry, got a quick response. The job was done less then an hour. Very professional. Can’t thank enough.
    Would recommend everyone without hesitation. Great job guys!

  • Alexander Wirianata

    Thank God i found this service!! I like to try new things on android and end with going back to stock. I do research for months and finally end up with this site… Yo guys, this is amazing, they are so professional and you just sit back and relax and enjoy the show… Your htc is in good hands !!!

    I’m bookmarking ur website, in case i go explore and end up missing my stock rom lol

    PS: please make for htc one m9 and so on !

  • Uros Cekov

    I need help, I have HTC Desire eye and i rooted it. Soon, lollipop will come up for htc desire eye and i want to update it but i found out that i would have to lock bootloader, unroot phone… i dont now what else. can someone give me some instructions(but some understandable), i know how to root phones but that’s not hard, but this… tnx anyway

  • Marco Di Clemente

    i’m very happy to find again my phone….

  • Jorge.

    Thanks you. Awesome work. With this, I recovered my phone from a bad flashing. Its a quick and very secure way to flas phone without issues.
    Best regards. P.s.: distance isn’ a problem. I’m on Mexico and all is very well.

  • Qudamah Linux

    Thank you HTC for this, my M8 Eye is good as new!

  • Eckhart

    Great service, thanks a lot for a very quick and flawless help on this. The device is back in business and working fine again. Absolutely recommended !

  • mhd abdulla

    Thank you guys, I was a sweet experience. The update was fantastic. Although I notice some lag after updating to lollipop, it works well without any crash or error message. The stock KItKat 4.4.4 was buggy after last update. I could not update due to frequent OTA download corruption error message. It was worth the effort. Thanks again.

  • Henry Chavez

    Inquiry Form

    Henry Chavez




    HBoot version: IDK

    CID Verizon

    Room Installed


    Room requiered


    Sorry , the inquiry form doesnt work

    Internet connection 1-5mbps

  • Suresh Mittal

    Thanks you everything works fine

  • Vasilis Raptis

    Excellent work you fixed my device back to stock without trouble! Thanks!

  • Kannan Krishnan

    Great service Guys! Thank you very much.
    I recommend this service to others who looking for original HTC ROM. Don’t think much, these guys are awesome. I am sure they will help you too 🙂

    Greetings from India

  • Om Prakash Nath

    You guys are simply awesome.. I bricked my phone in the process of gaining ROOT Access, these guys they brought my phone back to life … 501% satisfied…

  • MyOldMan

    Thanks a million for bringing my One M9 back from the dead. I’d flashed a partially corrupted update file and my phone wouldn’t boot. I didn’t have to send my phone away, the flashing was done over the Internet. The best 25$ I’ve spent in a long while 🙂

  • Muharrem Keyfoğlu

    Thank you so much guys it was amazing! They are using the original RUU files. No problem now and everything works fine.
    Greetings from Turkey

  • Dirk Volland

    Thank you. You have done a good job to bring my HTC One M8 DUGL to stock ROM

  • Ding

    Thank you,
    You saved my phone, I recommend any one face issue with his HTC to use this service.

  • B. Gesheva

    Definitely would like to recommend this service! My HTC One Mini M8 was stuck with a not properly working ROM and it was completely useless according to the apps it has installed. For less than an hour these guys bring back to live my phone with original stock rom and now everything is just like it was before the root. Incredible!

    Huge thanks to the whole team and the chance you guy are giving to situations which look hopeless. If somebody has similar problems – this is the right place and these are the right people. Thank you once again!

  • ido

    uper happy they saved my m9 even when i it was a long proccess .the best 25$ i ever paid!!reccommanded!!!!

  • Martyn Wright

    Brilliant service. Latest 6.0 official HTC rom on my carrier branded HTC One m9. Thanks, ever so much

  • Marek G.

    Big Thanks, fantastic service. After trying to root my HTC One M8s (unsuccessfully off course) I thought that I will stuck with half good device after trying to do everything to revive it and failing, but after this service my phone is like spanky new again. Really, really thanks. Recommended service.

  • Tony

    Good service! – Tony

  • A+++++ Support I ever seen. I have big problem with HTC Desire 826 dual SIM device and I have search a lot over internet. I can’t find any solutions then I fund them here… I have used their AWESOME! service and they fixed my device within almost 15 mins. I get back my phone and all are stock ROM and recovery. Thanks a lot’s for you my friend for your great service that I have ever seen. -Shantanujess

  • EasySoft

    I can only recommend this service, it was quick and worked. I had fucked up my recover on my phone so wassent able to install original OTA updates. I have tryed to fix it myself for 2 days without any luck because the original stock recovery were hard to find for the HTC M8 Dual Sim. They just controlled my PC and fixedit in about 15 minites. And now everything is working again and i was able to update to Android 6.

  • samuel

    good service,very patient and worth the price considering the phone is worth many many times the price of the service!

  • Douglas Gomes

    Big thanks! Fantastic work. Couple months ago I tried to root/install some MODs on my HTC one and I made some mistakes soft-bricking it.. after months trying and not succeeding recovering my mobile, I was lucky enough to find a link for this services. I was a bit skeptical at first how someone could fix my mobile by remote access and I was amazed. Fast and reliable.
    Thank you again guys, will defo recomend

  • Masry Elmasry

    Excellent work and thanks a lot. I have my device back.

  • Tamás Barka

    Thank you very much for your help, your patience, fantastic work. I recommend to everyone this service!!!!!

  • Yaseer Arafath

    Thank u very much for the service guys…very much satisfied with the service guys..My Device is back to its original factory state….truly Professional guys..appreciate it….again Thanks a lot…..

  • a720

    Great Service!

  • Zoran Cvetkovic

    Great work!!! Thank you!!!

  • J T

    Absolutely the most amazing service I’ve ever come across!! Was abit skeptical at first as i tried many methods myself with no joy. These guys are friendly and so polite while the process is ongoing and managed to revive my m9 which i thought was dead back from the htc graveyard 🙂 highly recommended!

  • Cynthia

    I had to unroot my htc one but couldn´t find the RUU and didn´t know how to do it to be honest… He did everything for me in 30 min. Thanks! Amazing job!!

  • Mike Pöpperl

    Thanks a lot for flashing my device. Everything works excellent.
    Greetings from Schwaebisch Hall, Germany

  • Andy Stevens

    Excellent Service, Took around 30 minutes to get my HTC One M9 back to 100% stock. Would recommend to anyone who needs it. the service was fantastic. well worth the money in the time I would waste trying to do this myself!


    Quick and accurate, everyting works fine, recommended service 🙂

  • DKon

    quick, patient, friendly, professional…
    everything what a good service should be like in my eyes.

    i want to thank you for the quick and serious help.
    the device (One Max) works fine again… like on it’s first day 🙂

    your work is recommend!

  • Stefan

    Excellent and professional service on my HTC 10. These guys know what they do. Thank you very much for restoring my mobile phone!!

  • 成泽恩(Seng)

    This is really a professional and trusted service. I got my phone flashed with HTC Original Stock ROM within an hour. The time taken is mostly for downloading the signed RUU.
    Problem solved without needing to go to any service center.

  • Boshe Spasenovski

    Thank you guys for helping me with my HTC One M9 yesterday. The official HTCdev are way behind you, you solved the issue in 20 minutes. Excellent service.

  • R de Jong

    Thanks for your efford. I totally messed up my phone and these guys fixed my phone in nonotime. Good value for money. I’m a glad person again because i got my phone back. Thnx guys… keep up the good work. Greetz from the Netherlands

  • Zoran Cvetkovic

    Great work!!! Thank you!!!

  • Thomas

    Thank you very much for flashing Htc one m8s in Stock great job

  • Dave

    A massive thank you, they salvaged my favourite phone from the dead, superb service and nothing was any trouble for them. They provide what other companies only aspire to no wonder they have so many satisfied customers.
    Dave UK

  • Sncamie

    Very good service. These guys are patient until they get the job done. I had given up hope on my phone but now its back working with Marshmallow. Best money spent. Keep up the good work !!!!!

  • Thank you thank you thank you, my htc m9 plus is revived to stock within minutes, i dont believe it but it is real! Trust them! They are professionals even for rare device like m9 plus asia wwe

    Greetings from Indonesia

  • This guy really knows his job he restored my Htc-Ultra from boot-loop after faild Nan-Droid restore.

    works great now and i would recommend this service to any one how needs help restore there phones.

  • Jason Hodder

    Knows what he is doing for sure, had him do my M9, and was happy to get back to stock, so I decided to ask him to do my M7 also. Well worth the 20 bucks imo. I spent days TRYING to do what he did in 20 mins. After contacting HTC and there tech people had no idea what I was even talking about or trying to do, VERY Impressed !

  • Lucio Brandi

    Thank u !! Everything really fine. Professional and nice team !! Big problem solved without send phone in assistence.
    I reccomend !!!!!!

  • Manuel Heinrich

    Hello Guys, and thank you you for your great job. My HTC One Mini is full functional again. I am very happy.

    Kind regards from Germany

  • Cleópatra

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