HTC One (M9) – MaximusHD 5.0.0

I Proudly Present You World’s First Android 5.1 Custom ROM For HTC One M9

MaximusHD 5.0.0

–June 23rd–

Base 2.7.401.1
Android 5.1
Added Native Display Color Control
Activated Multi User Support
Added HTC Flashlight
Added IMEHWRPenPower Keyboard
APM is Activated by Default
Performance Improvements
Battery Improvements
Camera Improvements
New UI Animations
Removed Google Sheets and Google Slides
Removed FitBit
Updated SuperSU
Updated OEM Apps
Many other changes


Mirror (

Firmware 2.7.401.1 is OBLIGATORY for proper installation! (S-OFF ONLY)


Full Wipe is OBLIGATORY for proper installation!

Xda-Developers Support Thread

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  • Mostafa Wael

    Well done LlabTooFer !! Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Alexis Emery

    hello, 😀 i have S-ON,i can installing rom?

    • LlabTooFeR

      You might face some issue when you install Rom on old firmware.

  • Chemo713 Padilla

    Can some one please make a youtube video

  • Ove Espeland

    My name is Ove and I have a rooted M9+.
    I will gladly donate €20 or more if you could make a 5.1.1 for M9+ where Norwegian Language is embedded.

  • disqus_b80Og6lJV1

    Having trouble with vibration notification, will not work for text messages

    • DJ Kielbasa

      I have this same problem. Sometimes my M9 vibrates for text messages, most times it doesn’t.