HTC One – MaximusHD 53.0.0


MaximusHD 53.0.0
–May 22nd–

Final MaximusHD ROM for M7
Based on 7.19.401.22
Added HTC Sense 7.0 apps
Added HTC Sense 7.0 widgets
Added HTC Themes
Added Android “Do not disturbe mode”
Fixed Alarm Clock Bug
Replaced HTC TV with Peel Smart Remote
Updated Aroma Scripts
Updated OEM Apps
Many other changes


mirror (

TWRP or higher is required for proper installation!

xda-developers ROM support thread

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  • Isidoros Rigas

    “Final MaximusHD ROM for M7”
    You won’t release another update?

    • Liam Davenport

      There is no more updates by HTC for m7

      • Isidoros Rigas

        HTC is done with M7? They will not update it to 5.1 or later versions?
        Do you know when they will drop support for the M7 GPE?

        • Liam Davenport

          Yes they only support for 2 years and it’s now up for m7 last update for sense, As for GPE I don’t have a clue maybe 5.1 was the last update it’ll receive

          • Isidoros Rigas

            Hmm great HTC… The leave us with an ugly Sense and the GPE won’t get Android M like it doesn’t support it.

            It’s time to change my phone and I’m not going to choose HTC again. Nexus FTW.

            Thank you Liam!

          • Squizzy911

            Thats the biggest problem in the android universe 🙁 i am somebody who wants to have the newest software version and it must be stable. most cyanogemod roms are not usable for daily driver. the sense rom base is stuck now. Maybe i will jump on iphone 6s. with jailbreak you have more opportunities in cydia store then with android as somebody who dont code 😉 and thats the most part of the people.

            iphone 4s is getting ios9. it is 4 years old 🙁 my htc one 2 years only

  • Виталий Иванов

    any changes in the database on 7.19.401.22 ?

  • Alexandr82

    What about firmware 7.19.401.22? Is it exists?

  • Stefanucci75

    LlabTooFeR, thanks for your great work. I installed the rom Maximus Hd 53.0.0 few days ago and everything works fine. I only noticed a small bug in the keyboard, as you type, the next word suggestion only works in English and does not work in other languages ​​(I tried in Italian, German and Spanish). It works well instead the suggestion of the current word.
    You think there’s a way to fix this ?
    Thanks a lot.

    • Stefanucci75

      Forget it, your job is innocent. I saw now on Google Play which is a bug keyboard sense 7 reported by many people.

  • hopingbig

    I am getting “unfortunately system UI has stopped” error after flashing on my HTC One. I have tried wiping the cache and even flashed the ROM again. unfortunately the same error again.

    If i try to update any app, i get “package access helper has stopped” error and the installation freezes. Any suggestions? I am using the latest TWRP

  • John, just John

    Highlights/Zoe/ZeroEditing crashes when using the gallery app. It just says “unfortunately, Zoe has stopped”, with the text “unable to create zoe.” in the video portion of the highlights edit window.

  • Popescu Adrian

    there are a few features missing

  • Rahul Murugkar

    will flashing work with cwm?

  • Popescu Adrian

    Phone app,settings app and colors from quicksettigs and volume are not changing 🙁

  • Ryan Raymond

    I have HTC ONE M7 – Android Version 5.0.2 – HTC Sense 6.0 – MaximusHD 52.0.0 – htc sdk api LEVEL 6.55 Can I just download the newest ROM and carry out an update without having to wipe everything??

    • Dávid Szemán

      I just wanted to ask the same thing. I downloaded this ROM because it supossed to get the the updates OTA. But i did not get any OTA udapte since I installed it. I got the same version 5.0.2. Sense 6.0 SW Maximus HD 52.0.0. SDK API level 6.55. Is there any way to update to 53.0.1 without wiping?

      • Redding O Silence (Silence How

        I’m havinh the same issue here. I have version 50, and still dont get any ota updates

  • Graham Nind

    Just installed this rom. Everything is fine except these two issues: if I try and add a photo to the Themes app or use the FX Editor the gallery force closes. Anyone else had this?

  • Arslan

    I just got a system update notification. The update version says: 53.0.0 to 53.0.1 (2M)

    I thought this reached end of development??

    • Andhaka

      Got the notification too, but failed to install… should be Stagefright patch.


      • Arslan

        I managed to update. Was quite quick and painless. But the “optimising apps” dialog took forever on my 230 or so apps!

  • Biggy866

    next update marshmallow… MaximusHD 54 htc one m7

  • Roger Hermoza

    I got the update to MaximusHD 53.0.1 and I don`t know what is the new on this update.

  • Sami Latif

    can i use MaximusHD 53.0.0 on my HTC One DualSIM

  • elmo

    I have installed 53.0.1 on my M7. StageFright detector says “vulnerable” with CVE-2015-6602. Is there a patch for it?

  • TheCatMan

    Would it be safe to assume that all development on MaximusHD for HTC One M7 has stopped?

    • Admin


  • Jimmy

    anyone know why heads up on messaging not working

  • Chee Phang Lee

    Hi, after i flash the ROM and everything run fine. Until reboot system and it on loading screen it pop out ‘Unfortunately, HtcMode has stopped.’