HTC One – MaximusHD 52.0.0


MaximusHD 52.0.0
–February 23rd–

Based on 7.19.401.2
Android 5.0.2 LRX22G
Added Desire EYE Themes
Fixed Dirty Flash Issue
Fixed Alarm Clock Bug – Possible solution set 2-3 alarms in 1-2 minutes interval.
Updated Aroma Scripts
Updated OEM Apps
Many other changes


mirror (

TWRP or higher is required for proper installation!
Firmware 7.19.401.2 is recommended to install!

xda-developers ROM support thread

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  • You are awesome! Thank you!

  • Help

    help…. how instal firmware?

  • Rūdolfs Rancāns

    Sorry for the noob question but is it clean install? Meaning do I lose my data unless I back up of course?

  • Carlos

    puedo flashiar Kernel kernel elementalx?

  • Sakafa Pintu

    I Have HTC One M7 Vodafone UK unlock version, can i install this rom ? i am scare it damage my FM?????

  • philippe dufetre

    ok google not working

  • György Kálecz

    7.15.401.1 firmware in the link instead of the new one!

    • LlabTooFeR

      Fixed, thanks.

  • al

    Any sprint version?

  • philippe dufetre

    Why ok google not working

  • Hank

    I cannot upgrade my firmware because i have hboot 1.56 and cannot get s-off… Does anybody have a solution?

  • cyryaco

    funciona perfectamente en mi htc one m7,el firmware se instala con es file explorer o el administrador de archivos que prefieras

    • alexo

      Como puedo instalar ayudame con el proceso xfa

      • Alex Acuña

        Yo tambien quiero saber como instalar el firmware por favor.

  • Nomaan

    Excellent work bro. But timer is still not working 🙁

  • Prateek

    “Ok Google” not working outside Google search app. Also Blinkfeed is not updating properly. Please advise.

  • alamshenas

    can I install it on htc one dual sim 802w with removable battery?

  • C. Zachary

    it works and stable,thanks a lots
    btw , is any possible to s-off the hboot 1.57?

    • György Kálecz

      With Sunshine for 25$

  • luki1q2w3e4r

    Infrared port does not work when you want to let control the TV using the HTC device signal is not sent . I checked with the camera

  • Cristy

    Alarms still not working

  • Mlka

    Thank you so much for this, I flashed this successfully yesterday and am loving it. The battery life on my m7 is much improved from the cm12 nightlife so I was on previously.

    One question though, I’m s on and when I look at the firmware version( build number) it says 7.19.401. I don’t unserstand how I got the latest firmware while being s on?

  • Hank

    my phone keeps bootnig into recovery after installing this rom… i have s-off and latest firmware and the latest TWRP..

    • Hank

      nevermind, im a retard. didnt have latest twrp

      • jimit

        which twrp you using ?

    • jimit

      same problem ,,,,

  • JohnnyQ

    I am not seeing the encryption options on my phone… Where can i find that?

  • Ryan Raymond

    I installed this ROM last night and after running the ADB and checking the firmware of my phone it was blank?? So I went ahead and installed anyway and all works perfect.

    However I had the HTC Sense 6 launcher set but changed it to the Google Launcher instead as I like it better, but now I do not have a clock on my home screen, I have looked in the widgets but there are no clocks showing to put on desktop?? not even a google one??

    In the end downloaded a clock the minimal Clock widget from the play store but that is also not showing in the widgets menu??

    Any ideas of how to fix this instead of using the HTC Sense 6 launcher as that was also not showing my Facebook feed.

  • Juan Fran

    Anyone is having an issue with the vibration. In the night I need to have it off. Tried many ways to disable it no luck.. A good tip is appreciated.

  • ihor

    Can i install firmware 7… for sprint?

  • philippe dufetre

    android 5.1 on maximus hd ?

  • philippe dufetre

    maximus hd android 5.1?

  • Rajesh

    I have HTC One M7 sim Unlocked from a carrier O2 UK, Can I Flash it.

  • jimit

    my phone keeps bootnig into recovery after installing this rom… i have s-off and latest firmware and the latest TWRP.

    • Dr vIQtor

      Reinstall bootloader

  • Paolino

    I have encrypted my M7 running MaximusHD 52. Anyone knows the right procedure (I know is complicated) to decrypt the phon so that I can then install future OTAs?

    • Anon

      You cannot decrypt the phone, TWRP devs will not add decryption support for Sense even though someone posted the solution on github. The only way to install updates is adb sideload (if it works) or using usb otg

  • Chintan Modi

    how do i turn of vibration for everything other than phone calls?

  • tim

    What’s the status on the rom for the HTC One M9?

  • Anon

    When unlocking the phone after 5-10 min on MaximusHD 52 I have to press home for the icons/widgets/blinkfeed to restore. Is that normal? Installed this after full wipe

    And is there some way to enable messages/email preview on lock screen like in kit Kat? Such as message text on lock screen

    • Anon

      This issue is caused by Greenify

  • Robert Schock

    How can I take the lock off the lock screen? It no longer gives me that option since I set it up…

    • Dr vIQtor

      Settings/security/clear credentials

      • Robert Schock


  • Dr vIQtor

    Hi, I love the ROM, but I have issues streaming Widevine (drm) protected videos. Is there a zip or apk to intall to fix it? Thanks in advance.

  • Robert Schock

    Will the M7 get Sense 7? And is there anyway to get a extreme power saver menu as to which shortcuts you can have when turning it on?

  • Carlos Viloria

    I can not connect my htc one m7 to my macbook via USB after installing this ROM, someone can help me?

  • John Hansell

    Have S-off, rooted and latest firmware, but 52.0.0 and 50.0.0 get stuck at boot screen – any thoughts?

  • siddharth

    Flashed it last night. Working like a charm but has a major issue. Keeps on vibrating, as if getting some kind of notification. Kept on vibrating irregularly throughout the night. Tried keeping it on silent/normal, but no help.

    Any fix?

    Running on HTC One M7