HTC One – MaximusHD 50.0.0

I proudly present World’s first custom Android 5.0.2 and Sense 6.0 ROM


MaximusHD 50.0.0

Based on 7.15.401.1
Android 5.0.2
Updated Kernel
Updated OEM Apps
Material Design
Project “Volta”
Added New Camera Modes
Added Settings Search
Added Easy Mode
Replaced HTC Notes with HTC Scribble
Recent apps: Multiple Pages Support
Reworked Installation Scripts
Overall Performance Improvements
Audio improvements
Camera improvements
Battery improvements
Reworked Aroma Scripts
Many other changes


mirror (

Full Wipe is OBLIGATORY!
TWRP or higher is required for proper installation!
Firmware 7.15.401.1 is recommended to install!

xda-developers ROM support thread

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  • Emanuel Poli

    WooooW THANKS!!

  • Thank you!
    I have MaximusHD 46.0 installed on my phone. Am I going to receive this update via OTA? I don’t want to wipe everything. :/

    • LlabTooFeR

      Nope, only way is manual install and full wipe.

  • Miso

    Mate, hilarious. Many thanks. 😉

  • Jerome Samuel

    This is awesome man, running Lollipop on my M7 now 🙂 Great job!

  • bick

    If I install ver 7 firmware for this ROM, will I have to reflash back to ver 6 if I want MaximusHD45 again?

  • Vin

    How to fix the root problem,TB says unable to acquire root

  • Cy

    Great ROM! Everything seems to be working, except that when I try to take a screenshot it says, “Can’t take screenshot due to limited storage space, or it isn’t allowed by the app”. Any ideas how I can fix this? I’m on hboot 1.57, S-ON. Thanks!

    • Preston

      Have to have s-off

      • paulmt123

        I’m s on and don’t have this issue. Did you do full wipe?

  • Gabriel Pomponi

    the new firmware need to install before or after the ROM flash???

    • Corey Howard

      No it’s recommended. I flashed with a version 5 firmware installed with no issues.

  • Tuấn Ninh

    htc one: when the new android 5.0 update for Vietnam?

  • Guest

    Awesome, does this work on M7 dual-sim variant?

    • LlabTooFeR


  • Yashodhan Goenka

    I have a S-ON Device, thus I can not flash firmware and install this ROM?

    • LlabTooFeR

      You can install it, but won’t be able to flash new firmware.

      • Yashodhan Goenka

        Thanks for replying! Could you please tell me what problems I wil run into if I install it with a Version 6 firmware?

        • LlabTooFeR

          There won’t be any.

        • paulmt123

          I’m s on with v6 firmware. Apart from alarm clock not working. Doesn’t go off (3rd party app alarm clock plus works fine) all is well. I did the recommended full wipe and flashed with twrp recovery.

          • Yashodhan Goenka

            Are there any issues with Wifi & GSM Radio?

  • Robert Schock

    What happened to lock screen personalization and lock screen widgets? Awesome update though! Thank you!

    • LlabTooFeR

      It was removed in Android 5.0.2

      • Robert Schock

        Is there anyway to add that feature back? Lol as well as make the lock screen functional when the device in ultra power saving mode? Lock screen music player and notifications can’t be triggered on the lock screen when in that mode for some reason. Thanks!

  • Dacinkaï

    I instaled the new rom but don’t flash the firmware ( still 6.55 ) its dangerous or I can stay with him ?

    • LlabTooFeR

      You can stay.

  • H3rd

    I have a Verizon M7… guessing this will not work for it?

    • LlabTooFeR

      Yep, Verizon devices aren’t supported.

      • H3rd

        Oh this makes me sad-panda

  • Andréa ROTOLO

    Nice Rom but i have a big problem my battery indicator is freezed, can i fix it ?

    • LlabTooFeR

      Let device charge and discharge, I’m quite sure it will be ok.

      • Andréa ROTOLO

        Ok thx now the Rom work perfectly 🙂

  • stefandani stefandani

    Great job. Just a problem. Now my multi-touch gesture app gives me this error:”no supported multi-touch device detected”. How can I do for this? Tvm

    • LlabTooFeR

      Sorry, but I don’t know how to fix this.

    • Alexandr82

      I think it’s an app problem and you have to wait updated version with android 5.0.2 support

      • stefandani stefandani

        Thank you for you reply. I’ll wait for an update.

    • Guest

  • paulmt123

    I have a problem with alarm clock. My alarm does not go off in the morning despite it being set and do not disturb activated. Are you aware of any issue/fix?. Great Rom. If I can’t fix I’ll try 3rd party app.

    • paulmt123

      Forgot to say I’m s-on. Previous firmware from latest 4.4.3 stock. Interestingly everything else works including screen shots. I get no errors apart from alarm clock not sounding or appearing as a notification. If I set it for only 10 minutes later it works. So wondering if it’s power management issue?

    • LlabTooFeR

      This is ROM base issue, can’t be fixed atm. Need to wait updated base…

      • paulmt123

        Alarm clock plus from play store works fine. So can just use that instead.

    • Leland Fried

      My stock alarm is working just fine.

  • Heiko Lotz

    Everything went fine: Firmware installed, Full wipe. ROM installed. Backups restored. But now, when I start the HTC Albums (collection of foto directorys) there is a message “no fotos or videos found”. When I start the app “quick pic” all albums are displayed.

    • LlabTooFeR

      try these commands:
      adb shell
      restorecon -FR /data/media/0

  • Marino

    Is possible use this rom flashing ElementalX for use double tap to wake? Now I’m on ViperOne 7.0.2 and using ElementalX kernel I’m abel to wake up my HTC One with double tap.

    • Alexandr82

      No, You have to wait ElementalX kernel for Android 5.0.2 + Sense 6.

      • Marino


        • Marino

          I’m pleased to advise who have my same answer that the ElementalX for Android 5.0.2 and sense 6 is available. Someone know how to unlock s-on to s-off and flash firmware update?

  • David

    Can I use any recovery other than TWRP?

    • Alexandr82


  • paulmt123

    Has anyone got a radio that works well with this and where can I downloaded?

  • Manu

    Really have to say that this ROM is really a great one. So far the best I have tested on HTC with Lollipop. Keep it up!

  • Alexander Kirichenko

    I’m going install this rom on my HTC One (m7). It has stock firmware(6.09.401.111) based on Android 4.4.3. I’m planing to unclock it and install TWRP. The question is do I need to update firmware to 7.15.401.1 before install this rom?

    • Alex

      I wanna know too

  • MxmHDfan

    Hi I tried to install it but after install it keeps rebooting into Recovery mode, tho it said installation was completed successfully, how do i get rid of this problem ? My phone is unlocked and S-ON, and is a M7_UL

    • Yashodhan Goenka

      What version of twrp are you using?

      • MxmHDfan

        I have Philz Touch 6.25.0 CWM v

        • Yashodhan Goenka

          Use TWRP, this could be because of an incompatible recovery used.

          • eddie

            and how to install TWRP when already my device is rebooting into recovery mode all time?

          • Christina Slagle

            I can’t give step by step instructions, but I think you can d/l twrp to a file on your computer (which I did originally), then flash it to your phone using cwm (I believe). Go to the twrp website, they do have instructions for how to transfer the twrp file from your computer to your phone. Then you should be able to boot up into twrp, and even remove cwm. I hope this helps.

    • santos garza

      I have the same problem but I have TWRP are you already installed this Rom ?

    • alamshenas

      I have the same problem and I don’t know how to install TWRP…

  • itnclt

    using twrp – does factory reset = full wipe?

    • styxz


  • Danish

    twrp restarts whenever i try to flash maximusHD rom..any solution?
    I already have viper rom installed..Want to install maximusHD now.

  • Madman

    Does the HTC one m7 GSM work

    • ES

      Mine was an m7 gsm from nextel méxico, it worked, was 4.4.3 android and hboot 1.57 working great no bugs

  • Nomaan

    Awesome. so I found one bug, I had pattern security with smart lock location on. And one day I was out with my wifi and data off, the device kept unlocking without security and I was away from my smart locations. And then I disabled the smart lock and the device would still unlock without pattern.

  • phd4

    je suis s-on comment mettre le nouveau firmware

  • phd4

    comment mettre s-off hboot 1.57

  • Leland Fried

    My WiFi keeps disconnecting, that’s not so much the issue because I have it set to do so when the phone sleeps. My issue is that upon turning back on, it constantly asks for the password.

    Is this a known issue or is there a setting somewhere?

    I’m S-OFF with latest firmware.

    • Leland Fried

      I found how to reproduce the issue. Sign into wifi at home. Go to work and sign in to wifi there. Upon returning home, it prompts for the wifi password again.

      It doesn’t end there.

      Upon entering the password, it says it cannot connect. Reboot device. Wifi is turned off, so I turn it on and it connects to home wifi without issue.

      This process repeats every time I connect to a different wifi and then return home.

    • Leland Fried

      This is occurring more and more with any WiFi I connect to. If I’ve connected to it before, my phone requires a reboot before I can re-connect, after having been connected to another.

      Are there any ideas or solutions?

  • Nicolae Grebincea

    Hi, is there any way to get rid of the power saving notification?

    • Leland Fried

      Turn off power saver.

      • Nicolae Grebincea

        I want to have it on just not to see the notification, in kitkat sense 6 toolbox solves the problem, no exposed here yet, so any workarounds?

  • Nicolae Grebincea

    Hi, is there any way to turn off power saver icon? in kitkat sense 6 toolbox solves the problem, no exposed here yet, so any workarounds?

  • Nasrudin

    First of all, congrats for this awesome ROM!!!
    A couple, three, four questions… hehehe
    Could you describe the necessary steps for both installing ROM and firmware? Should I install firmware before or after ROM installation?

    And finally, Can I backup my previous configuration (Maximus 45.+Firmware) or Can I brick my device with these firmware installation steps -i’m S-OFF-?:

    adb reboot-bootloader

    fastboot oem rebootRUU

    fastboot flash zip


    fastboot flash zip
    Thx in advance

  • Hammad

    I installed maximus hd yesterday. My device is s on and unlocked. Nearly bricked my device but that was my fault. I just wanna say loving this Rom. battery and performance improvements are very noticeable. Thanks a @lotLlabTooFeR

  • ngrrox

    thx for the this ROM man! One problem: my phone cannot sync with other sync software. it can only be sync with HTC sync manager without USB debugging mode. My device is accessible as MTP and all SD card files are visible on my PC, but just not ble to sync with other sync software …

  • Delon

    Do i have to install the new firmware first or after the ROM?

  • Aksh

    Can i install ElementalX kernel for sense 6 android 5.0.2 after flashing the rom?

    • jones`

      even i would like to know about this? any help?

  • Juan

    It works on HTC One M7 AT&T?

    • xNy

      Yes it does

  • Yashodhan Goenka

    Flashed TWRP 2.8.3, keeps rebooting into recovery after installing ROM

    • Bra Loa

      I have the same problem. I’m stuck on twrp and without updating to the rom wont flash succesful.. Anyone help please.. Im on firmware 7.17.540.2

  • just Jose

    My WiFi keeps disconnecting and setting keeps foreclosing every time I turn on WiFi. Is there a solution to this???

    • Twestct

      Having the same issue, it disconnects a few times a minute

  • Nomaan

    Will you be releasing an update since the official version is out???

  • Marino

    Now I have ViperOne 7.0.2 and ElementalX 18. My firmware is 6.25: I can flash the new MaximusHD 50 without flash new firmware v.7? I’m s-on and if it’s necessary and secure (like if I carelessly do a full wipe, I have more probability to incurring in a brick (bootlop excluded)?) I will use Sunshine.

  • Andrew

    instaled ROM my HTC one m7 its down low hes rebooting automatly averey 2 minutes

  • Hankie

    I cannot upgrade my firmware because i have hboot 1.56 and cannot get s-off… Anybody have a solution?

    • xNy

      u dont need to upgrade ur firmware just install the Rom it will work.

  • Sakafa Pintu

    I Have HTC One M7 Vodafone UK unlock version, can i install this rom ? i am scare it damage my FM?????

  • Hank

    I cannot upgrade my firmware because i have hboot 1.56 and cannot get s-off… Anybody have a solution?

  • juan

    anyone had problems with NFC?

  • Aidan

    I don’t have the Htc Firmware,am running Cm12, can i still do it