HTC One (M8) – MaximusHD 10.0.0

MaximusHD 10.0.0

–January 17th–

Based on 4.16.401.9
Android 5.0.1
Updated Kernel
Updated OEM Apps
Material Design
Project “Volta”
Added New Camera Modes
Added Settings Search
Recent apps: Multiple Pages Support
Overall Performance Improvements
Audio improvements
Camera improvements
Battery improvements
Reworked Aroma Scripts
Many other changes


Mirror (

Full Wipe is OBLIGATORY if you are coming from another base
TWRP or higher is required for proper installation!
Firmware 4.16.401.9 is highly recommended


Xda-Developers Support Thread

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  • Houssine

    it’s very nice work. thanks

  • Jack Vu

    Some how on my device M8 (S-off) firmware 4, the boot time is very long, ( like 5 -10 min long) and cant connect to wifi after device was inactive for a period of time. (it worked before, but if the device was inactive for 10 min or so, wifi is lost and i cant connect to it again) If i want to connect to it again, I have to reboot the device.

    • Deanos

      I have same problem

      • ac130

        I don’t have these problems on 3.28.401.7

  • Arian

    How to flash 4.16.401.29 firmware?

  • Igor

    Can’t wait for Dual Sim version amigo

    • JoostA

      I concur, the dual sim version is now avoaliable on the Netherlands too.
      So as a business user I bought one for myself and I am very glad the
      Maximus ROM was available for it too. An update to Android 5 most
      certainly is welcome.

  • Heaton Wang

    Hello, dear developer, please could you cook a android l rom for HTC One M8 Ace?
    Thanks a lot

    • LlabTooFeR

      Hi, I don’t have plans supporting this device, sorry.

  • Robert Kilin

    if your already on 4.4.4 then you most likely already have firmware 4.xx check your hboot if it says 3.19 that’s firmware 4.xx but this rom works perfectly on rogers m8 🙂

  • Thomas Georges

    I got a problem,
    I’ve the good firmware and recovery, but when i flash and reboot, a message tell me my SIM card is in configuration and nothing hapen. What can I do ?

  • b1ackhawk

    Any chance we will see a tmobile carrier version of this?

  • Nice works salute mate