HTC One Dual Sim Review Part 1

The beginning of this year, was one of the most difficult periods in the history of HTC. Constantly decreasing profits, the quitting of the head management, lousy marketing and an unbelievable strength of their direct rival, Samsung, made for a huge negative influence on HTC.


That is why HTC needed something new. Something that could make a positive impact on the company and this “something” is HTC One.
Modern design, stereo speakers, gorgeous screen, fast processor and an amazing software; all of these components make the HTC One really successful. Sure, 5 million units seem low, comparatively to Samsung Galaxy S4, but for HTC this is undoubtable success.

However, HTC didn’t stop there, and they made something that all businessmen around the world needed. They announced their first High-End device with 2 simcards on board. HTC One Dual Sim (HTC 802w) was announced at the China Unicom event and after that, there were no plans to release this device in other countries. Nevertheless, HTC changed their plans and recently started sales on the territory of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).


Therefore, this gave me the perfect opportunity to get such device in my hands for some period of time.
This review will be divided into 2 parts: Hardware and Software. In hardware I will compare it with some other devices and give some technical details. While discussing software, I will mention some key differences between Dual Sim and Single Sim units.

So be ready for next new exiting parts of this review 🙂 Which will be available soon!

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