U12+ Fundraising

Hello everyone!

About month ago I have started pop-up campaign on my website to gain some funds for the newest latest and greatest HTC flagship U12+.

Since than I have received couple very generous donations. However it’s just a 1/10 of the amount required to buy device in my area. For the last few generations, device become more and more expensive, daily routine and real life obligations don’t let me to buy every year 900 EURO devices (which is twice as high as average monthly income in my country).

In that regard I ask some help from you, my audience and followers. If you like MaximusHD ROMs, you may help me to bring it to the latest HTC Flagship device.

Click on donation link down below and make your contribution.

Support development of MaximusHD for HTC U12+

Each and every contributor who donates more than 50 will be included in Elite Test team, you will be the first who will get Android P on HTC U12+ and be able to chat with me and other team members directly for any matters.


Thank list: (26/07)

@Michael Hauke (06/07)

@Ories Pohlmann (14/07)

@Cameron Clark (30/06)

@Toby Allen (26/07)

@Ipek Tiryakioglu (27/07)

@Jan-Tay Duong (27/07)

@Howling Wolf (27/07)

@Luis Valentin-Zeno (28/08)

@Remco Heuver (29/08)

@Hubert Utnicki (27/10)

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