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As you all may heard, Google is preparing 2 new devices that will be released in October. They are both will be created by HTC. Internally these devices have codenames M1 (Marlin)  and S1  (Sailfish) Which will receive Pixel XL and Pixel marketing names accordingly.

For the first time ever, Google will release these devices apart from their main big release which was Android 7.0 that brought tons of the improvements such as:

  • Over 1500 emoji including 72 new ones
  • Multi Locale language settings
  • Multi-window view
  • Quick switch between apps
  • Vulkan™ API
  • Virtual Reality mode
  • Doze on the Go
  • Custom Quick Settings
  • Notification Direct Reply
  • Bundled Notifications
  • Data Saver
  • Notification Controls
  • Display Size
  • Seamless Updates
  • File-based Encryption
  • Direct Boot
  • And many more

Moreover it will be less than two months after previous major release when Google release new NMR1 update which will be labelled as Android 7.1. It will bring new Google Assistant as well as new launcher called Pixel Launcher (formerly know as Nexus Launcher) .

screenshot_20160912-212328It will be completely refined home UI that will be done in a very minimalistic style.

Main screen can contain 5 shortcuts that can be obtained from all home screens.

csjaihjwcaexaqd-jpg-largeSwiping up activates main apps window where all apps can be seen and searched

















Long press on any area of the home screen activates the setting menu where you can find following options:

  • Wallpapers
  • Widgets
  • Settings


screenshot_20160912-212201 screenshot_20160912-212152
















Settings menu doesn’t have much option to adjust, but it has nice feature that allows rotation of the home screen.

screenshot_20160912-212207screenshot_20160912-212216This is pretty much it. In general this is very basic and fluid UI that will be improved over the time. Please make a note that this is not final software, it may have many hidden and/or unfinished features that can be seen only on release build. But for now, you have a chance to test it yourself. Click the link down below to get it, just extract these apks on your internal storage and install as usual app:


(Make a note that in case you don’t install WallpaperPickerGooglePrebuilt.apk you will get Pixel Launcher crash while changing the wallpaper)

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  • Ayush Goswami

    Not working on Android 5.1.

    • LlabTooFeR

      It works only on Android 6.0+ devices.

      • Ismail Akram

        Cool it worked on my Axon 7

  • Łukasz Luftman

    Simple, Fast. Very nice launcher

  • Michael

    Still only 4 shortcuts on my homescreen possible (XperiaZ2)…

    • lars

      I’ve got the same,

      is it possible to put 5 apps on the dock?

      • dad

        change dpi to 400

    • cryptonx

      I have got 5 (5.7 screen) so maybe its automatic.

    • Vandikito

      When it was Nexus Launcher has 5 shortcuts but now as Pixel Launcher returns to 4 shortcuts…

  • Piscean1

    Not quite ready for prime time on LG G4. Adding a widget crashes the launcher every time. Wallpaper switcher is pretty cool though.

  • Gadget State

    Thanks for this, it’s working fine on Nexus 6P, just need to know what about the Google Now menu with news, traffic, etc i could access by swiping to the right on the Google Now launcher menu, is it gone from Pixel?

    • RuleOfLaw

      If you want the Google Now launcher pane to work, you’ll have to install the launcher APK to /system (mount the /system partition r/w and copy, or wait for a flashable zip).

      • Gadget State

        Thanks a lot RuleOfLaw!

      • 國龍

        You mean copy .apk file to /system, and then install
        Is it right?

  • Towhidur Reza (shuvo)

    It’s working great on my Nexus 6P (Android N)

  • Patrificus O’Connor

    tap the G in Pixel launcher to search. Tap the G again and ahhh…

    • Keith Schwerin

      Saved my day.

  • Oneiric

    Thanks so much, both are working beautifully on my Note 4.

  • Curious Inquisitor

    Please note that I didn’t install this as a system app. Overall, it’s butterly smooth on a Samsung galaxy note 5.

    1) Loving the minimal look
    2) The wallpaper feature is amazing

    1) The icon size and font for the app drawer are a bit too small (maybe I’m too accustomed to the characteristics of google now launcher)
    2) Missing the voice command of “ok google” A LOT!!!
    3) Accessing Google Now Page by pressing the G button twice was not obvious (this was not installed as a system app)

    Weird point to mention:
    Since you now have to swipe up to access the app drawer, it was initially very natural to navigate around. However the more you think about what you are doing, like swiping up to bring up the app drawer, invert the swipe to scroll up and down the drawer, getting rid of the drawer by scrolling to the top of the drawer, and remembering to swipe it down again – was sort mind boggling. And so, just do not think while you are using this launcher! hahahaha

    Please add an option to change the font and icon sizes

    Thank you

  • Bhavit Bj

    Not working on xiaomi redmi note 3 miui 8 , android 5.1 lollipop!!

    • Tyler

      this launcher only works on android 6.0+

  • windowsantivirus dev

    Pixel Launcher crash on click home button , i have mediacom G510 with android 5.1

    • hairy

      Only compatible with 6.0+

  • Joshua Pease

    All of you with Lollipop 5.1 it’s not going to work for you. Seriously. Learn to read and comprehend.

  • Adam

    anyone know why my apps don’t show in the app drawer on Verizon Note 7?

  • Nathan

    Is there a way to change wallpaper of the home screen and lock screen to be the same thing on this?

  • Andrew

    Hey thanks so much! Will you continue to support the launcher with updates?

  • Khoirul Firdaus

    when i try home screen landscape on galaxy s7 edge, the pixel launcher error

  • Eric Williams

    Works good on my LG V20 but the icons are kinda big and I would like to be able to increase the icon density. I can only put 4 apps in the icon tray when I see there is 5 in videos on of the actual pixel devices. I would also like to see a 5×5 icon grid option or 5×4 at least lots of wasted space. I hope the LG V20 gets the 7.1 update in the future with a native pixel UI option or Google adds it to the play store for native install no side loading.