HTC Software Updates Plan Q1-Q2 2016


It’s been a while since I posted last schedule about HTC software updates. But last weeks I’m getting tons of the questions and I would like to clarify the situation and what will happen in the first half of the 2016.

This picture contains only newest and devices that are sold on the all major markets. Niche devices aren’t represented here as updates for them are highly depend on sold volume…


This table is valid for Dual Sim models as well. But please note the usually Dual Sim devices receiving updates with 1-3 months lag from the Single SIM models. Moreover in some cases Dual Sim devices may skip certain updates. As can be seen, M7 will not get any major updates in the future, however some security patches can be released.  HTC One A9 going to be one of the first non-Google devices to get Android 6.0.1 with updated emojis and security enhancements. There is some unpleasant news for low-end MTK ODM devices like Desire 526G or Desire 310 and some other which are based on KitKat. More likely they won’t get any Android L or Android M updates at all…

To sum everything up almost all high and mid-range devices produced in 2014 and 2015 will be updated to Android 6.0 or 6.0.1 with Sense 7.0. Coming months will be full of the news regarding updates. I want to point that this schedule isn’t final and updates may shift or even be cancelled for certain reasons.

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  • mefo

    R.I.P HTC One M8 < 3….

    • Igor

      ehmmm. Have you lost your mind and can’t read?

  • WhizGidget

    RIP HTC One M7 <3 – That's still my current phone, and running like a champ.

  • Nicola Bardelli

    what do you know about desire 820s dual sim? thanks

  • Alex Ong

    Does the Desire 820 include the Mediatek version???

  • Harold Goldner

    What about the HTC One Max?

  • Hossein salamat

    this is insane. taiwanese m8 got the update 3 days ago but the hong kong version is still in queue. they are exactly the same. what is with the delay!!

  • BigTurk

    I hope they put out 6.0.1 for the One M8 GPE. The MMS bug is driving me nuts.

  • Yarlg

    Um… not available on Verizon yet or to install on the “retail device” (which obviously means any phone not locked in a tower by the carrier).

  • Mehdi

    what?!!!!!! desire 820s dual sim is based on MTK!!!! you mean it wont get lollipop and marshmallow!!???? that is so wierd!!!

  • Ravishka Fernando

    what bout htc E9 and E9 plus?

  • Berat

    M8 eu speed please Android M 6.0.1 ?

  • @bujanoon

    I’ve been waiting for ages now for M8 update…….how come Samsung and most other brands already received theirs? wake up HTC!

    • Rob nuttz

      Are you stupid or something? Samsung is still waiting!

  • Berat

    M8 EU shame shame shame

  • Hi, I have needed HTC Desire 826 ROM How can I meet you and I don’t know. Please! Help me.

  • Berat

    6.0.1 pls m8 😀

  • Timur

    desire 728?

  • Rob nuttz

    I’ve been on 6.0.1 for 2 months now (HTC One A9 (US unlocked version).

  • Ashish Joe George

    Is marshmallow update there for htc one m8 eye ??when will it come?

  • Madmarcolino

    Why my devices HTC A9 Hong Kong, at now not receive 6.0.1?? There is any problems??

    • Darknord

      Hey, have you been able to find out when 6.0.1 will be available for A9 HK?

    • Darknord

      The update is finally available!

      • Madmarcolino

        Perfect….updated this morning…!!

  • Chinmay

    When will htc desire 816g(dual sim variant of desire 816) will get android update?

  • Ash

    When will update for htc 620g arrive??

  • Nelson Ramirez Uriarte

    Why not receive update marshmallows in HTC One m9+ ? made in TW…