VPS Hosting Donates


This post is not something I usually post on my website, but I think this is important to do.  In late August I was forced to switch from usual shared webhosting  to VPS due to significantly increased load on my website and OTA server. With that change, costs for website grew on a sensitive amount, that I cannot afford on my own.  So I have started VPS Hosting campaign to raise some funds and continue maintain the website. And I’m glad to say that today we reached the goal – 300€.


This will be enough to maintain server and even afford some upgrade for one more year. So I would like to thank everyone who took a part in this campaign and mention these people:

2014-08-11 Walter Mayr mayr.walter@*.at
2014-08-22 Jorge Maya maya_jorge@*.com
2014-08-30 Cristian Chiru cristi.chiru@*.com
2014-09-09 Florian Buehlmann f.buehlmann@*.com
2014-09-30   aleksandr-vasin@*.ru
2014-10-09   allex234432@*.ru
2014-10-24 Matt Dobrowolski Dobby-z@*.com
2014-11-02 oren krimchansky orenchick@*.com
2014-11-17 kim thuesen kft@*.dk
2014-11-17 kim thuesen kimthuesen@*.com
2014-12-01 Jorge Maya maya_jorge@*.com
2014-12-02 Daniel Schlickmann Daniel.Schlickmann@*.de
2014-12-05 Ruud Westerhout ruud.westerhout@*.com
2014-12-08 Gary Styant gstyant@*.com
2014-12-14 roberto traversa roberto.traversa@*.it
2015-01-18   snailpon@*.com
2015-01-22 marco blancato m.blancato@*.it
2015-01-24 Carsten Rjgaard cabs@*.dk

Thank you all for your support. This means a lot for me! 

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