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  • stefandani stefandani

    In double camera mode I’ve a half screen that is black.the frontal camera will start lonly after a shot…

    • Alexandr82

      It can’t be fixed because it’s a not a bug

      • stefandani stefandani

        I don’t understand why it’s not a bug. Normally the two camera should work contemporary. Isn’t ?

        • Alexandr82

          Not supported on HTC One M7

          • stefandani stefandani

            I see. But why carry eye experience on a m7 Rom if it isn’t supported? Isn’t this a non sense?

          • Alexandr82

            It’s marketing

          • stefandani stefandani

            A non sense marketing!

            Il giorno 6 dic 2014 19:13, alle ore 19:13, Disqus ha scritto:

          • Phlipz

            Since I have updated my htc one, a sim error occurs, the sim
            iis inserted but the mobile doesent detect it. What can I do to fix this Problem? The tricks I have found, dont work for me.

  • stefandani stefandani

    Help palese! Now videos and pictures present violet and green shadow. How can I resolve this? Please reply

    • Alexandr82

      Wait for fixed camera application from HTC

  • Arnold

    I got the same violet and green shadow problem!

  • Robert Schock

    Great Rom….although after I talk on the phone for a while it will say NO Sims Card….done it a few times so I went and got a new one, but it is still doing it..Rom Issue maybe?

  • A R K Raju

    This ROM is working great !! I have only ONE problem that is Videos ( Pictures are alright ) are getting violet and green shadows. Problem is same as #stefandani stefandani device’s problem.

  • Alexandr82

    6.09.401.12 is out. Waiting for MaximusHD 47.

  • Nomaan

    Macro mode in camera not working!!

  • Mark

    Waiting for MaximusHD 50.0