HTC One (M8) Dual SIM – MaximusHD 2.0.0


MaximusHD 2.0.0

–November 15th–

Based on 3.33.401.6
Android 4.4.4
Updated Kernel
Updated OEM Apps
Added New Camera Modes
Added HTC EYE Experience
Overall Performance Improvements
Audio improvements
Camera improvements
Battery improvements
Minor Bugfixes and Improvements
Many other changes


Mirror (


Download Firmware

Device Support: M8_DUGL ONLY 

I would like to thank following users who donated and made it possible to make this rom:

Jakob Skov
anonymous users x4

Sorry if I forgot to mention someone.

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  • Guido Graf Schweinitz

    Wonderful ROM with Aroma installer to chose things not to install.Runs like butter! Very fast release man, thank you! paypal 0C2956554G813553J

    • LlabTooFeR

      Thanks mate, much appreciated.

      • Igor

        Am I safe to flash with S-ON?

        • LlabTooFeR

          Yes it’s safe to do

          • Jeffrey

            I flash your rom use twrp but wifi problem can you help me I use h&c m8 china unicom version m8_dugl S-off; root and boot loader off. Now I use stock rom europe version 4.42.

    • Igor

      Did you flashed with S-ON amigo?

  • ayman

    her man do you accept google wallet ? , bitcoin 😕 or anything that’s not paypal ?

    • LlabTooFeR

      Only PayPal and Credit cards for now.

  • ayman

    hello this is my device information can i use this rom on my m8 ???!!, i’m sorry cuz i’m noob and dont want to take any risk ?! 😛
    (bootloader) version: 0.5

    (bootloader) version-bootloader:

    (bootloader) version-baseband: 1.22.30306251.27G

    (bootloader) version-cpld: None

    (bootloader) version-microp: None

    (bootloader) version-main: 3.33.401.6

    (bootloader) version-misc: PVT SHIP S-ON

    (bootloader) serialno: HT46PWM00250

    (bootloader) imei: 35xxx

    (bootloader) imei2: 3522720xxxx

    (bootloader) meid: 00000000000000

    (bootloader) product: m8_dugl

    (bootloader) platform: hTCBmsm8974

    (bootloader) modelid: 0P6B64000

    (bootloader) cidnum: HTC__J15

    (bootloader) battery-status: good

    (bootloader) battery-voltage: 0mV

    (bootloader) partition-layout: Generic

    (bootloader) security: on

    (bootloader) build-mode: SHIP

    (bootloader) boot-mode: FASTBOOT

    (bootloader) commitno-bootloader: 4c3fbd70

    (bootloader) hbootpreupdate: 11

    (bootloader) gencheckpt: 0

    all: Done!

    finished. total time: -0.000s


    • ayman

      am i safe to flash this rom ???!1

      • LlabTooFeR

        Yep. Everything will be fine!

        • ayman

          i am so so so so so sorry man , last question , i’m very embarassed ,
          do u know which twrp version i should use ?

          • LlabTooFeR


          • ferdie553

            can u provide a of twrp to download?

  • Karsten Maier

    No WLAN after install .. What to do please ?

    • LlabTooFeR

      Read line about firmware!

      • Karsten Maier

        Certainly your right , sorry .. I installed that update and now it ran like a charme.. Thanks for you work, i will donate this via Paypal…

        • Tim Potter

          Hi Karsten, I have the same problem.. May I know how did you install the update? Thanks!

          • Karsten Maier

            Its not so difficult.. But you need S-OFF..

            Download the firmware, rename it to and put it on your external memory card. Then start bootloader and the update will automaticly recognized and performed.follow the instructions on the screen.. Its a very easy one to do Source is XDA


          • Tim Potter

            Hi Karsten, thanks for sharing. I tried to S-OFF my device with firewater but it didn’t work. It says firewater doesn’t work on my device. Do you happen to know of any other options?

          • Karsten Maier

            Sunshine would be a great option , but that cost you 25 bucks..
            In the meantime i found out that you can do the Upgrade with S-ON as well.

            If you have a certificate from the OTA update and thus still signed by HTC file , the firmware can be flashed with S -ON .
            It should be noted , that the bootloader must be locked .. If your bootloader is not locked anymore, your only can lock it with S-OFF again..So if its locked give it a try but dont forget to delete the zip file after the upgrade
            P.S I made the S-OFF with Sunshine as well because firewater didnt run. Its worth the 25 from my opinion.

          • Tim Potter

            Hi Karsten, just saw your reply! I unrooted and reinstated to stock recovery, and managed to grab the OTA update. 🙂 Had to reinstall the custom rom but was worth the effort! Thanks again!

          • Karsten Maier

            Thats great.. enjoy 🙂

  • Tim Potter

    Hi LlabTooFeR, I would like to install the custom rom but I’m on an older firmware with an S-On, rooted and TWRP recovery installed phone. May I know if there is a way to install the firmware provided above without going back to stock recovery? Thank you for your time. Sorry I’m still new to this..

    • LlabTooFeR

      You don’t need to install stock recovery.

  • pinkslip

    anyway to access apm or is there any mod for it ?

    • LlabTooFeR

      You can try to use xposed modules and Sense 6 Toolbox

  • Markus

    Hi, I am a little bit confused: I have an unlocked dugl with latest OTA (4.4.4) and never succeeded in S-OFF. Now, if I want to Flash Maximus do I need to Flash the firmware first? Being S-ON wouldn’t it give me the red triangle?

    • LlabTooFeR

      You don’t need to do that

      • Markus

        Hello, thank you for the reply. So I can simply flash the Maximus?

        • LlabTooFeR


          • Markus

            Great – and how do I do that? Renamed the 1.4 GB zip file into OP6IMG and tried to Flash in hboot from SD, but got a message that it is wrong or no OP6IMG. Again: I am relocked, S-On and with stock 4.4.4. Thank you for the help

          • LlabTooFeR

            You have to use custom recovery in order to install this custom ROM.

          • Markus

            Like TWRP? But then again, don’t I have to be unlocked/s-off/rooted to install custom recovery?

          • LlabTooFeR


          • Simonvfr

            If you’re unlocked, then you can install TWRP recovery without being S-OFF

          • Markus

            Thank you! But then – how do I unlock the 4.4.4 Android stock on the M8 dugl? It has now stock ROM with latest OTA update *cry*

          • Simonvfr

            If you are fully stock, then unlocking is simple. Just go to , select the M8 from list and follow instructions. It’s an official process, so no worries. Worked very easily for me.

          • Markus

            Yes, it went smooth, thank you. You installed TWRP 2.8?

          • Simonvfr

            Yes, and it works very well

          • Markus

            True, it went well. I also (think that I) managed to install Maximus. How do I make the proof, because SuperSU for example still can’t install?!

          • Simonvfr

            If you have installed Maximus, you should be able to see it in Settings/About/Software information under Software number

          • Markus

            The 3.33.401.6 I had before, after the OTA update. So, no, it didn’t install.
            True, I did not install thar firmware update that I was supposed to install prior to the ROM. Nevertheless I have Wlan connection and everything seems to work just fine. The Maximus zip I renamed to OP6BIMG and started the update from SD card. It updated only once. I remember, when I made the OTA it took 3-4 update bars on the upper right corner until it finished. So, something went wrong… But what?

          • Simonvfr

            You are confusing the two updates – which have different methods. The renaming to OP6BIMG only applies to firmware update – which you do NOT need to do, as you got that firmware through OTA.

            The ROM must be installed from within the TWRP recovery. You select wipe and then select install and choose the ROM zip (which you must have earlier put on the internal SD card – and NOT renamed)

          • Markus

            Now that sounds better… what wipe do I Chose? The advanced type (and if yes which one of the partitions) or Format data?

          • Simonvfr

            There are no clear instructions on that. I just did the default wipe, and it worked fine

          • Markus

            which one is the “Default” wipe? I got Dalvik Chache, Cache, System, Data, internal Storage, Micro SDcard, Android Secure, SD Ext and USB-OTG on one Hand (in advanced wipe) and the wiping “of all your apps, backups, Pictures, Videos, media and removes encryption on internal storage” (on Format data), which cannot be undone.

          • Simonvfr

            When you first enter the wipe section, you don’t need to touch ‘Advanced Wipe’ or ‘Format Data’

            Just swipe at the bottom, where it says Swipe to Factory Reset.

            As it says just above the middle ‘Most of the time this is the only wipe you need’

          • Markus

            Ok, I did as you said. It all worked out fine, thank you very much for your help. And thanks to LlabTooFer for the custom ROM.

          • Simonvfr

            Excellent! Hope you enjoy the results.

  • niklas

    after flash hd maximus 2.0 I cant update firmware: Model ID incorrect? could you please help? is it wrong CID?
    My Cid number is 11111111. should I change it?

    • LlabTooFeR

      Make sure you are running M8_DUGL device.

      • Niklas

        Yes I did, thanks, I´m running dugl. I had to update the hbbot to 3.19 then to change the android text in the fireware file and on the end I managed to flash Maximus HD 2 to my dugl… I took a couple of days… 🙂

  • pinkslip

    any1 know how to enhance the speaker sound cause it’s really low compared to my friends phone , is there any mod to flash or smth ?!?
    does viper4android work with this rom ?? ( i am s on )

    • pinkslip

      @LlabTooFeR do u recommend any mod to flash for the speaker sound ?

      • LlabTooFeR


  • pinkslip

    Dude i really want to donate but paypal is not supported in my country , what about gift cards ? , western union ? , can u give me ur email or contact me @ my email , just send me an email saying hello , hi , whats up 😀

    • LlabTooFeR

      You can use you plastic card to send donation.

  • Simonvfr

    I have dugl, unlocked, S-ON, TWRP, on 4.4.2. So, I need updated firmware before installing. But can I flash this without going S-OFF?

    I can’t easily do OTA to 4.4.4 because of changed platform.xml and being unlocked

  • Tornado

    LlabTOOFeR thank you very much for your great work. It would really complement your project to shoot a video for the ROM. Thanks

  • Heik

    Is it possible to fix the “in band ringtone” problem? so you can listen to the same ringtone your phone has, via bluetooth?

  • RSTL

    just decided to donate first, without even getting the ROM yet, had some troubles with my FW upgrade and am now not sure if I am ready to go.
    How can I check my FW version, Bootloader shows OS- without anything, I restored a nandroid after I upgraded FW and got in bootloop.

    PS Sorry I posted below by mistake

  • JoostA

    Compliments on this ROM which is really working flawlessly. I am very pleased with the possibility to remove unwanted software. I bought my HTC One M8 Dual SIm just recently (imported from the UK) because until recently it was nearly impossible to get it in Holland

  • Jack

    I confirm the rom works also with Htc One Dual Sim M8_DWGL! I went back to 100% stock, upgraded with the OTAs until the latest firmware (3.34), and then simply unlocked, flashed recovery and flashed Maximus 2.0… Works like magic! Jack

    • Nameite

      It works for me too, but the 1st sim slot doesnt recognize any sims (CMDA, LTE or WCDMA carriers)

      How did you get that part working Jack?

  • I3oris

    What about Lolipop for M8 Dual SIM? 😉

    • JoostA

      As this question isn’t answered here or anywehere else: is there un update for Lollipop for the dual SIM version *anyway* ? Of course, there is no new Maximus version, but that is more or less understandable when HTC doesn’nt move itself.

      • black wolf

        is there lollipop maximusHD rom for m8 dual sim ????

  • Joey

    Hi all! Interesting stuff, but I am a bit confused by the discussion: Does this Custom ROM now work with Dual SIM or not? Clarification welcome! Lookin´ forward, Joey

    • Andreas Andreas

      It only works with the dual sim m8. You’re probably confused because of the remark by Nameite which seems to be a hardware problem in their phone. The dual sim function in this rom is the same as in the stock firmware – it’s the exact same settings menu. I haven’t encountered any problems concerning dual sim functionality (except it being pretty dumb – no possibility to set default sim for all calls etc).

  • Jakub Rášo

    Hi guys, thx for your work!!! Its really first normal working ROM on my dual sim phone. But like usually want more… Will be lollipop ugrade?

  • ravi

    Hi , I installed the ROM for HTC M8 dual sim, but the WIFI doesnt get enabled. Its greyed out.I didnt install the firmware,,just the ROM. My phone is rooted and S-off./ Could you please suggest some solution.

    • ravi

      Hi , i keep getting this error while trying to Flash, Something wrong>?

      D:New folder (3)>fastboot flash zip

      target reported max download size of 1830612992 bytes

      sending ‘zip’ (53637 KB)…

      OKAY [ 2.585s]

      writing ‘zip’…

      (bootloader) zip header checking…

      (bootloader) shift signature_size for header checking…

      (bootloader) zip info parsing…

      (bootloader) checking model ID…

      FAILED (remote: 41 model id check fail)

      finished. total time: 3.033s

      • Karan Kohli

        hi i have this same issue. did you find any solution?

  • Martin Suddick

    Hi, I have a China Unicom Dugl. Currently Unlocked, Rooted, Twrp & S-on, I take it to flash the firmware zip that I will have to S-off and the Super Cid?

  • Markus

    Hello there, I have the Maximus HD 2 on my M8 dugl. How can I enable USB mass storage for the memory card inside the smartphone? Thank you in advance, Markus

  • Igor

    Any idea when 5.0 Android will be released with MaximusHD ROM?

  • Guido Graf Schweinitz

    Will there be a surprise with 4.30.401.15?

    • Igor

      I hope for it too. @llabtoofer:disqus when will it happen man?

  • Guido Graf Schweinitz

    Where can I get the new firmware. Is a download here possible, Llabtoofer?

  • Nils

    when come a custom rom with 5.0.2 for dual sim? the stock update is out now…

  • Finn

    i tried this but wifi doesn’t work ,it’s grey. my phone is rooted and s-on