HTC One – MaximusHD 45.0.0


MaximusHD 45.0.0
–November 5th–

Base 6.09.401.10
Updated Kernel
Updated System Apps
Updated Browser
Updated Streaming Service
Updated Data Roaming
Updated Timezones
Updated SuperSU
Improved Compatibility with TWRP 2.8.x.x
Improved Backup/Restore
Many other changes


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xda-developers ROM support thread

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  • spatliquid

    Thanks again for another update!
    I was wondering: I’m still on MaximusHD 42. Everything runs smooth and I’ve got all my settings just the way I want them to be.
    Do I miss out a lot if I skip the 44 and now the 45 update?

    Kind regards

  • ryanywen

    thanks! but, does this fix the no sound problem during incoming and outgoing calls? both speaker and mic.

    • Florian Pestilenz

      If you just update, it does not fix it. got the same problem, it still persists.

    • LlabTooFeR

      Update firmware to latest, do clean install.

      • ryanywen

        how do i update the firmware? sorry im still not good at rooting and stuff..

  • Nomaan

    Gallery app edit not working!

  • Yeghia Aghayan

    Gallery app is nit working.. please fix it thx for your work

    • LlabTooFeR

      Check OTA, I posted fix already

  • Trax74

    thanks for the update. I miss the weather symbol in the sense startscreen beside the clock. When i push the empty place the weather app opens. On lockscreen the weather symbol is shown.

    • Trax74

      i mean the clock on the top of blinkfeed

  • Sơn Trần Mai

    Thanks for wonderful ROM! May I ask admin one question? Have this Rom Logo2wake, swipe2wake, home2wake or something like that? I’m finding a good ROM for my HTC One M7.

    • Alexandr82

      Use ElementalX kernel for L2W, S2W, H2W

  • sarwar

    this is for htc or maximus ?……….. i can instal it in maximus max 908?

    • Alexandr82


      • sarwar

        there have any custom rom for max908

  • Hnic29

    I just installed MHD 45.0.0 but i im stuck in a bootloop at the lock screen plz help

  • Alexandr82 – (193.03 MB)

  • Prateek

    Hi, I have installed Maximus Hd 45.0. I am facing issue with data roaming. My internet does not work in roaming even after enabling the data roaming option. when i try to open a webpage it ask me to enable data roaming. Please help.