HTC One – MaximusHD 44.0.0


MaximusHD 44.0.0
–August 21st–

Android 4.4.3
Base 6.09.401.5
Updated Kernel
Implemented Android 4.4.4 Security Fix
Updated system apps
Updated system permissions
Updated HTC File Manager
Overall Performance Improvements
Audio improvements
Camera improvements
Battery improvements
Removed Debug Code
Many other changes


mirror (


If you are using MX Player, use 1.7.28 version, newer version is crasing. 

xda-developers ROM support thread

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  • just Jose

    Is Chromecast working with this update???

    • LlabTooFeR

      It should

  • Sopon Tangman

    Thank you Very Much.

  • ryan

    Hi, I’m New to rooting and installing custom Rom. I installed 42.0.0 a month ago, and it should have ota update to 44.0.0 right? Or do I have to flash this version again?

    • LlabTooFeR

      For some reason 42 is not able to recieve 44 as OTA, so you have to download it manually.

      • ryan

        Okay. Can I just install it as an update while flashing it? Or must I full wipe my settings?

        • LlabTooFeR

          In order to avoid any issues, I recommend to do wipe.

  • Ashwin

    Is OTA update unavailable?

    • LlabTooFeR

      Only 41.0.0 can get it as OTA.

  • Roman

    Help me please. I want to install your ROM. But I can not update

    firmware. Information device such as an image. Or at least tell me where I can help with this issue. Thank you

    • Mehrdadmaskull

      I have the same cid with the mid and I really want to upgrade my firmware from 5.11.401.9 while staying s-on, before flashing Maximus 44
      Is there any OTA s or firmwares available as of yet??

    • LlabTooFeR

      You need to install 6.09.401.106 firmware.

  • Venkat

    6.09.401.5 firmware that you posted is almost double the size as its found in other threads… Curious what’s the difference.

  • Rohan Kumar

    This update brings back the black bar at the bottom? (Like Sense 5/5.5 ?)
    Cuz I really dont like that black bar and in the screen shots you have posted, it shows the black bar! 🙁

    • Mohammad Ayoub

      No it doesn’t , it’s transparent bar

  • Mohammad Ayoub

    Amazing battery life , any comming updates ?

  • Gavrila Bogdan

    Any way to replace sense 6 camera with the 5.5 one ?

    • LlabTooFeR


  • Miron Raz

    ROM is great, sometimes suffering from “touch response issues”…. + couldn’t activate notification over the lock screen. hope it will be fixed on coming release

    • Admin

      Make sure you updated firmware

  • Tincho

    Any bug in this release??? or it’s perfectly functional?

  • I have a problem with my M7 that have gone on since MaxHD 42 and kept on with 44. When receiving or making a call the mic and speaker stops to work. The person on the other side doesn’t hear me and I can hear them. Need to reboot to solve. This happens frequently. Any suggestions?

  • Alan

    Any plans for M7 Android L update?

  • Dennis

    Hey, can you upload the 44.0.1 Update? .ZIP please

  • György Kálecz

    I found a serious bug in the rom. During phone calls i cant hear anything and they cant hear me the device gets laggy when im touching the screen during it and hang up the call. 44.0.1 ver reboot dont fix it sry for my bad english

    • György Kálecz

      + it doesnt save screenshot

  • ryanywen

    Hi, after updating to 44.0.1, my phone app is malfunctioning. Income and outgoing calls I can’t hear anything and the opposite can’t hear me too. I updated it using wipe all.

  • dphuong

    Hi. I can’t install update by recovery, it always say my install was aborted . Thanks

  • Alexandr82

    Any plans to update ROM to 6.09.401.10 base?