HTC Software Updates Plan 09.08

m8-eu-443-updateLast weeks were full of different news related to HTC devices and now the time has come to discuss future HTC software update plans. 2 We were the witness of Android 4.4.3 roll out last weeks for several devices like M8 and M7 Dev edition, that was kind of strange decision as 4.4.4 was rolled out.  But the answer was found in HTC employee account @moversi


As we can see, HTC decided to incorporate 4.4.4 security fix into 4.4.3, so we got 4.4_r4 branch. Right now 4.4.3 update is scheduled for all modern devices that are mentioned in picture above (2013 and 2014  lines). European M7 device should receive next 4.4.3 update in 1-2 weeks. At the same time there is no clear information regarding HTC One Mini and HTC One Max. But some good news for HTC One Dual SIM (M7C) devices, unlike 4.3 update, that was skipped, the owners of this device will get 4.4.3 update, this should happen in mid/late September. Regarding  newest devices that were released in 2014 , all devices should get 4.4.3 before the end of September.

There is still scarce news related to next Android L update, so all previous information is still valid.

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