HTC One DualSIM – MaximusHD 3.0.0


MaximusHD 3.0.0
–July 31st–

New Base 5.17.401.6
Android 4.4.2
Sense 6.0
Updated Kernel
Improved BlinkFeed
Improved UI Experience
Performance improvements
Audio improvements
Camera improvements
Battery improvements
Updated OEM Apps
Many other changes


FIRMWARE 5.17.401.6


Only HTC One Dual Sim 802W (M7C_DUG) is supported

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  • Chan

    802d also supported right ?

    • LlabTooFeR


  • dawoud100

    I do not know what this (M7C_DUG) But my phone is 802w does all Models of 802w supported

    • Ayoub Bougueroua

      yes! 802w is M7C_DUG

      • dawoud100


  • Farhad Ghadaki

    Thank you very much for the great rom. Installed it using twrp. Runs smooth and stable. By the way I tried to update firmware using fastboot but it fails with this message: “missing boot.img file”. Can anyone help me please?

  • Eric Jou

    How can I change the theme of Blinkfeed? I can’t access Personalize.

  • lin

    Will make a 4.4.3 rom that supports 802d? Thanks a lot

  • Alexandr82
    • Dil

      Hi , do we have to flash the stock recovery or we can install it by TWERP directly ? please elaborate , im a newbee, thanks in advance

  • robert

    Thanks for the rom. I find problems switching between the 2 sims data connection. When on sim 1 I cannot switch back to sim2 (must reboot). this problem was not on previous release (4.2 rom 2). I cross the border (switzerland) at least twice a day..
    Any suggestion?

    • danny

      I’m having the same problem !

  • Ayoub Bougueroua

    Thank you for this awsome rom, you saved me, after tried to upgrade my phone, i flashed the wrong RUU until i found this great rom.
    By the way, i’m from Algeria and i want to donat is it any issue?

  • vikram

    When you will provide new update.

  • malek1963

    bonjour Ayoub Bougueroua ,je possede le htc one 802w avec cette rom mais mon probleme est autre, je n’arrive pas à telephoner ( la communication se coupe dans les endroits claus bureau, couloirs…) .svp avez vous constaté ce probleme.?

  • giangifax

    Hi, some problems found… I use the italian language.
    1. There isn’t Hotspot Wi-Fi by default;
    2. Sometimes 4G connection is lost (?);
    3. When i set the fly mode, i cannot return to normal model until reboot;
    4. Camera is very very pink! it is much worse.

    However… thank you very much for your work! I wait the next update 😉

    • Guest

      Huh, I don’t think HTC One dualsim supports 4G cellular.

      • giangifax

        or 3G, all sim phone connection

  • Guest

    Thank you for this ROM, any chance for ART runtime support?

  • m361

    First I enter this Code :
    fastboot oem rebootRUU

    then I get this error when I want to flash the frimware:
    fastboot flash zip
    target reported max download size of 1542111232 bytes
    sending ‘zip’ (20296 KB)…
    OKAY [ 2.394s]
    writing ‘zip’…
    (bootloader) zip header checking…
    (bootloader) zip info parsing…
    (bootloader) Read zipped android_info fail
    FAILED (remote: 99 unknown fail)
    finished. total time: 3.920s
    so whats the problem ?
    help me plzz
    sry for my bad english !

  • Idris

    is there any rom for htc one dual 802d.??..

  • sergey

    Help please. After installing the firmware issues an error blinkfid application (does not work), another launcher also does not arise. I am a novice tell what’s the problem? HTC one dual sim 802w, s-on.

  • robytrav

    I have just bought an HTC ONE M7 802w …it’s still a good device with a good price/performance ratio…PLS don’t close the project…lollipop is arriving for it too…:-) many thanks!!

  • robytrav

    I have just done a donation..thanks again for your nice work and PLS don’t let us alone ….i think there are a lot of 802w users around and this is the best ROM for it!!!! tks !


    Dear Llabtoofer, I REALLY do know what it means: EOL, but…..I need to give it a shot as there is no chef like you for the M7 Dual SIM – you did pleasantly surprise us all with V3, would there be any chance of surprising us again by issueing a V4 at some point (4.4.4, or 5.xx)?

  • Денис

    Lollipop? Where lollipop on m7c?

  • Ali

    Can we expect 5.0.2 ROM (or higher) for HTC One 802w dual sim and if yes, then when approximately? Or may be there will be updates for Maximus HD 3.0.0 which I use from the realization date and have no problems with it at all! Thank you so much for very stable and firm ROMs indeed.
    Thank you in advance

  • WaDeMaN

    Please we hope u can make 5.0 or higher for htc one 802w i used ur rom so perfect job bro

  • Codrin Popa

    Please update this ROM.

  • Wizky

    Dear Llabtoofer, as you can see there is quite a number of enthousiastic users of your ROM on the 802W Phone. Could we tempt you in any way to consider cooking an update on the 3.0 ROM?

  • Andrej

    Thx For your Hard work.

  • pprometey

    Ожидается выход новой прошивки на базе 5.0.2?

    • LlabTooFeR

      Project is closed. Further updates aren’t planned.

      • roberto traversa

        A donation may help? I have done one already. Thanks for help

  • امین بهاری


    Android 5.0.2 released for mobile phones
    When your custom rom for this phone on Android 5.0.2 and Sense 6-publish?
    Custom ROM Maximushd 3.0.0 has a problem when you want to transfer data from the SIM number one to number two, we need to restart your mobile

  • rayan

    Comeon man why you closed Project 802w there any reason or it need money for….
    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help ? :'(


    i’m on 5.0.2 (7.17.425.5) .. can we install this rom on that ??

  • olawale

    thanks admin, i flash this rom to my phone, its all working but cant mount sdcard and sim card. i check my phone setting it wasthere but not highlighted. please help what can i do?

  • olawale

    please admin, can u help me solve this no sim problem and also not mounting sdcard. please help. thanks

  • Jacob

    For what do I need firmware?