HTC One Dual Sim – MaximusHD

I proudly announce new MaximusHD ROM for HTC One Dual Sim (HTC M7C_DUG/M7C_DWG)



Changelog of the ROM:

New Base 2.19.401.1
Android 4.2.2
Updated Kernel
Improved BlinkFeed
Improved UI Experience
Stock HTC %battery
Lock-screen widgets
Long press home button works as menu
Audio improvements
Camera improvement
Updated OEM Apps
Added Native HTC Task Manager
Custom OTA Update Engine
Many other changes


After installation you will get 1.0.1 OTA update. It will be downloaded in download folder at internal storage. You have to install it manually!

Currently supported M7C_DUG

M7C_DTU/M7C_DWG devices are not supported.

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  • Wizky

    Great news and thanks very much for the effort of preparing this update Llabtoofer!
    Full wipe required coming from 2.0 or is update possible (see the 3 options, so assume all should work, but I ended in bootloop choosing update – hence the question)?

    • LlabTooFeR

      You should do wipe as 3.0.0 contains new version of sense.

      • Wizky

        Understood will try right away, thanks for the quick response!

  • Wizky

    LabToofer – great ROM, install smooth as silk and I love the battery life which has noticeably improved!

  • shitu

    pls need help for my model M7CDWG UPDATE pls how did i get it ?

  • itzvaibhav

    I’m a newbie. Do I have to install both the files . And how do I have to install them?

  • vignesh

    pls let me know which rom version is supported for m7c_dwg devices.

  • vignesh

    Maximus HD Not supported for 802d indian version.

  • Pablo Del Mazo

    Hi …. I’m looking for the OTA update mentioned above. …. Where I can find it? Thank you

  • Pablo Del Mazo

    Hi. I just installed this ROM on my htc one m7c_dwg PN0751000 and when boot after installation, it come in a bootoop. Can you help me? what can I do?

    • LlabTooFeR

      Sorry but this device is not supported. That was a typo in description.

  • Waleed Butt

    can you please tell me how to install htc one dualsim 802w firmware 5.17.401.6 please tell me about this…firmware how to install my phone

  • Waleed Butt

    please tell me

  • iacc

    On my htc one 802w does’t work the rear camera D: