HTC One Dual Sim Review Part 3: Software, Conclusion

This part of the Dual Sim review will cover some software differences comparatively to regular HTC One.


As the device based on Sense 5 it shares the same programs as usual HTC One, but with some extra functional that allows to use both sim cards simultaneously. It has Blinkfeed, Zoe and other new features which was brought by Sense 5. I won’t stop on Blinkfeed and Zoe that much because there are tons of reviews about that, so I’ll move forward and show you how HTC made two sim cards working together.





   Model ID: PN0771000

   Device ID: M7C_DUG (Definition: M7 China Dual UMTS GSM)

   ROM Version: 1.12.401.8

   Android: 4.1.2

   UI: Sense 5.0

  Supported CIDs: HTC__001, HTC__A07







So let’s start with software version. This device has Android 4.1.2 on board with Sense 5.0. In next few weeks like HTC One it will get update to Android 4.2.2









As you can see, name of device is Dual Sim, what means it has two active sim cards on board. Before that HTC had other dual sim devices, but they weren’t able to work at the same time, so you was forced to switch between them. Everything have changed with HTC One Dual Sim. In order to make it easier for user, there were added some features in settings, also you can give name of your carries there so it makes easier to recognize networks.

Screenshot_2013-06-15-15-55-24 Screenshot_2013-06-15-15-56-07 Screenshot_2013-06-15-15-56-16











Anytime you can make one of sim cards as primary, and use its data plan, but you should know that only slot 1 supports HSPDA and if you switch your preferred sim network to slot 2 you can count only on EDGE speeds. This is hardware limitation and it can’t be changed with software.

These improvements are not the only one, dialer also was changed to fit new requirements.

Screenshot_2013-06-15-15-56-49 Screenshot_2013-06-15-15-57-10 Screenshot_2013-06-15-15-57-26











Assume we are dialing number and need to use specific phone number, nothing can be easy now, after dialing completed you can simply click Slot 1 or Slot 2 and the call will begin. Also there feature that shows in call history which phone call belong to which network. Funny thing is that you can even call yourself 😀


In case if you are speaking with someone and at the same time someone else is calling to your another number, you will get notified that there is a second call, so you can hold your current call and answer to another one. Amazing feature which is great for people who are always on the phone.

Another app that was changed to meet new requirements is Message app, it allows you to use both numbers and text with people without doubts that you will reply from wrong number.

Screenshot_2013-06-15-16-01-22 Screenshot_2013-06-15-16-01-27 Screenshot_2013-06-15-16-01-30











In both cases you will be notified which number got the message and you can use that number by default, or answer by using another number. Moreover if you are alone and don’t have girlfriend you can chat with yourself 😀

Another features that I would like to cover is microSD card and OTG support. By default device has 32 GB ROM on board and around 25 GB for user data. Unlike HTC One, Dual Sim device has support of microSD cards, so you can extend your memory by up to 64 GB, moreover you can connect external drive via OTG cable.

Screenshot_2013-06-15-16-04-27 Screenshot_2013-06-15-16-04-34 Screenshot_2013-06-15-16-06-16











In my case I extended memory of my device by 16 GB, 8 GB microSD card + 8 GB flash drive, so in total I got 48 GB of storage. And this is not the limit, you can connect HDDs via OTG (need external power supply), so you can have hundreds gigabytes of storage.

This is the end of the Software review and now it’s time to make conclusion.


Great design

Amazing screen

Smooth UI experience

2 sim card slots

microSD support


Slot 2 doesn’t support HSPDA

Increased size and weight of device (Not capable with HTC One accessories)

Available only in China and Russia



If you are using phone everyday, have more than 1 sim card and you don’t want to use Philips or Samsung devices for 100-200$, HTC One Dual Sim is perfect choice for you. it offers full experience of HTC One and at the same time pushes it to the next level with extended phone abilities.

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