Last news about Sense 5.1/5+

There were few posts in twitter related to updates for HTC Sense


which stated that HTC One will get Sense 5.1 in this/next week. Well, these plans are not clear enough… From intelligent sources I can say that all future updates that are based on Android 4.1.2 (1.29-1.3x) will have Sense 5.0 on board. Also update based on Android 4.2.2 that will appear in next few months will have Sense 5.0 as base, I have no idea how HTC is gonna call this UI in terms of marketing, but project still has following name M7_UL_JB_50_S which is in case of new Sense 5+ would be called M7_UL_JB_55_S (analogy with HTC One X Endeavor_U_ICS_40 with sense 4/4.1 and Endeavor_U_JB_45_S). This information is not a final instance and in terms of Marketing 2.0 (New HTC strategy) they might make Sense 5.1, 5.2 and etc

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